"The equine athletes hands-on experience"

Correct Meridian Flow

Decreased Scar Tissue

Natural Chiropractic

Strengthened Chi

Enhanced Performance


Injury Recovery

Improved Independent Healing

Nutritional Guidance

Better Attitude

Modalities Offered

Manual Manipulation -Massage is the most fundamental and common practice in alternative therapies, and anyone can massage their horse.  At its most basic, massage is just relaxation with a positive healing touch.  Once anatomy is mastered massage can graduate to a technique that can reduce scar tissue, prevent tears, and relieve joint issues just to name a few. 

Electro-Stimulation and Acupressure- Acupunture points are crucial in the methods of Inner Balance Therapy and are the skeleton of our evaluation and treatment areas.  The meridians of the horse need to be free of toxins and stagnation to create chi and balance. Electro-stimulation uses these points, just as acupunture does, to penetrate the meridians on the deepest levels and promote healing through electrical pulses sent along a specific meridian and between two acupuncture points.  

Rehabilitation and Prevention Services- There are countless alternative therapies in todays world, and each has its own purpose during treament.  The three we use are our main staples, but occasionally it is smart to step outside the box even further or even bring a more scientific perspective in.  Other options are moxibustion, chiropractic, magnetic therapy, and water therapy just to name a few. Sometimes a consultation with the farrier or vet is encouraged and communication only encourages healthier results.  

Microcurrent Therapy- Microlief is the first and only therapy of its kind that promotes healing on the CELLULAR level.  It uses microcurrent that immulates the bodys natural low-level electrical pulse to penetrate the cell to increase circulation, therefore increasing the cells ATP (energy) and reduce lactic acid (waste).  This therapy is FDA approved for humans. It can be used on bone and throughout the lower legs (unlike a tens unit), as well as the whole body with few contraindications.  Hagyard and Peterson and Smith are both conducting studies on the use of this therapy and recovery time with soft tissue injuries. 

Nutritional Guidance- Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasizes that everything starts inside, meaning without correct nutrition going in you can not expect positive results to come out.  Physical therapy can help heal a sore muscle or a tearing ligament, but if the muscle isn't healthy at its core and cellular level than the problem will continue or will at least never even have the oppurtunity to truly heal. What you feed and supplement you horse with is just as important as anything else, if not more crucial.