Pinnacle Warmbloods LLC

Bringing together elite bloodlines and natural talent for superior performance and temperament. 

About Us:

Pinnacle Warmbloods will be a full service breeding and training facility, with potential boarding.  We are in search of a home base currently, but the owner does offer lessons, training, sports therapy, sales, and help with reproductive management. She is currently residing north of Baltimore, MD.

We breed warmbloods for jumpers and dressage, who have the talent and soundness to make it to the upper levels. We pride ourselves on mindset and trainability through genetics and nurture those aspects by handling our foals from day one. 

Our Mission:

Our mission at Pinnacle Warmbloods is to raise the bar in horse breeding through selective and responsible practices. We aim to not only breed sport horses with superior physical attributes but also with a sensible and confident spirit. We work tirelessly to ensure each horse has an optimal quality of life and is ready to excel in their respective discipline(s). Our commitment to quality and ethical breeding and training practices define us. 

Our Vision:

At Pinnacle Warmbloods, we envision a world where every horse is bred to improve their breed and sport, while getting every opportunity to succeed. We believe in safeguarding quality pedigrees through responsible breeding practices that promote their natural abilities and unique personalities. We are devoted to contributing positively to the sport horse community and serving as a beacon of excellence in horse breeding and training.

Our Approach:

Our approach at Pinnacle Warmbloods is founded on respect for these amazing animals, scientific insight, and proven techniques. Every Warmblood we breed is nurtured in a serene and natural environment, ensuring they develop at their own pace in harmonious surroundings.  We believe in horses getting plenty of turnout time, quality forage, supplements, grain, herd dynamics, groundwork, exposure, and learning how to safely navigate the world around them with us.

Our Services:

Pinnacle Warmbloods offers a range of services tailored to meet your equine needs. From breeding high-caliber sport horses to providing consultation on their care and training, we are your trusted partner in the equestrian world. Our services are designed to match the needs of both professional riders and ambitious amateurs, offering comprehensive support and advice while always putting the horse first.  Inner Balance Therapy is an integral part of our program, performing several sports therapy modalities for rehab and prevention.